Planet Earth claims record pre-orders for Tom of Finland

Posted: March 31, 2015

Planet Earth Wholesale has announced that its latest exclusive product range, Tom of Finland, has achieved unprecedented levels of pre-order sales. The brand, which will be unveiled for the first time during this year’s ETO Show, is inspired by the world famous imagery of Tom of Finland and offers a range of products that aim to capture the theme and spirit of his erotic works.

Planet Earth says that from dildos to bondage equipment, the Tom of Finland brand contains the very essence of Touko Laaksonen’s art, which was often composed of graphic depictions of gay sexuality with hyper masculine comic style images.

Speaking about Tom of Finland, Planet Earth MD Louise Boote said: “We were delighted to have secured the Tom of Finland brand. As you can imagine, many wholesalers were competing for exclusivity on what is one of the best-known gay brands in the world today so for Planet to be chosen as the best place to push this brand further was a huge coup for us. Made up of a huge array of exciting products, Tom of Finland will be an eye-catching offering for any store – whether they are aimed at gay or straight consumers.”

For more information contact Planet Earth on 01924 291022 or email