Pjur holding out for a hero

Posted: August 1, 2012

Pjur’s new Superhero Delay Condoms are designed to address the problem of premature ejaculation in men. Made of natural rubber, these condoms have a smooth, cylindrical shape with a reservoir tip containing a mild, local anaesthetic to prevent premature ejaculation. Pjur says that this can reduce the user’s sensitivity, prolonging the erection and ultimately also the pleasure for both partners during sex.


Pjur says that because the reservoir contains a precisely dosed, perfectly safe amount of lidocaine, it will be impossible for the consumer to overdose on the anaesthetic. It adds that another benefit of the product is that creams and gels applied to the glans of the penis to reduce its sensitivity have to be washed off before sex so they don’t affect the female, which obviously does not apply to Superhero Delay Condoms.


Pjur Sensitive Condoms is another new line released this month. Made from natural rubber, the condoms are extremely thin, transparent, and lubricant-coated and Pjur says they offer an ultrasensitive experience. They are supplied in a 12-pack with a modern pocket design.


For further information visit www.pjur.com