Orion’s new cat’ is out of the bag

Posted: September 18, 2017

Orion has published its 2017/2018 Wholesale catalogue, which consists of 226 pages containing all novelties from the current year plus the latest releases which will be launched at EroFame. The A4 catalogue has text in two languages – English and German. According to the company, it is constantly working on increasing and optimising its range at fair and stable prices, and the focus is on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

The new Wholesale catalogue is also available as an e-paper catalogue that can be browsed through online at www.orion-wholesale.com and a non-branded A5 version – Erotic Highlights – can also be requested by retailers who would like to offer their customers promotional literature. This is available in German or English. For more information contact Darker Enterprises, Orion’s UK distribution partner.

Darker Enterprises:

[T] 020 8114 1001

[E] ron@thamesroad.co.uk

[W] www.darkerenterprises.co.uk