Orbit Plus has lift off

Posted: March 27, 2015

The Screaming O has introduced the Orbit Plus, a new double-ring erection band with softer SEBS material for a stretchier, more comfortable fit. This new cock ring features two separate rings – one for around the shaft and the other for around the testicles – with vibration positioned for isolated clitoral and perineal massage. This multifaceted design is said to help prevent premature ‘blast-off’ while massaging two of the most sensitive areas on the body for astronomical orgasms every time.

The Orbit Plus boasts an extended apex-like clitoral vibrator positioned vertically to massage not just the clitoris, but also the clitoral hood and its surrounding sensitive zones with three speeds plus a pulse function. Screaming O says this full-contact design provides the most complete clitoral stimulation possible and accommodates intimate areas of all shapes and sizes.

“The Orbit Plus provides equal amounts pleasure and functionality with a soft and supple form of SEBS that has proved to be very popular with our loyal fans,” said Screaming O account executive Conde Aumann. “We had a lot of fun incorporating our love of geeky spaceship themes into the production process while helping to create an even more efficient erection ring. With a distinctive rocket-like silhouette and multi-functionality, the Orbit Plus is one of this season’s most fun designs.”

The Orbit is reusable with AG13 batteries that function for more than 45 minutes. For further information call Screaming O distributor Creative Conceptions on 0845 370 0377, email sales@creativeconceptions.co.uk or visit www.creativeconceptions.co.uk