Online pharmacy celebrates “20 years ago today”

Posted: December 3, 2014

Bury-based Medical Specialists Pharmacy, a ‘one stop online pharmacy and doctors’ has been channelling the spirit of The Beatles as it celebrates its 20th anniversary. Managing director David Bailey said: “Being a massive Beatles fan, as soon as I realised that we were 20 years old, that famous phrase – ‘it was 20 years ago today’ – took hold of me and made me realise how some of the fab four’s songs could be related to many of the treatments we offer. For instance, we offer treatments for erectile dysfunction and immediately I thought of A Hard Day’s Night and Anytime At All and even Eight Days A Week. We also offer a range of treatments for premature ejaculation, and so the songs I’ll Keep You Satisfied and Come Together sprung to mind.”

Since the early internet days, the company has increased the range of medications available via online consultation or private prescription, and now include a range of treatments for acne (“It’s Getting Better All The Time,” said David), to treatments for STIs (“I Feel Fine,” said David).

He continued: “Treatments for obesity are now very popular, as people don’t want to Carry That Weight and usually respond better With A Little Help from My Friends. I could go on and on with many of the Beatles songs relating to treatments we offer such as asthma and allergies, stomach and  bowel, alcohol dependence  – new medication – migraine, and holiday and travel medications and many other conditions that are embarrassing.”

Recent additions to the firm’s repertoire of treatments include Selincro for alcohol dependency and Vitaros cream for erectile dysfunction. Selincro works to reduce the urge to drink so that hopefully people will never again have to wake up following the night-before and think I’m A Loser or I Should Have Known Better. “This new medication is in large demand especially from women who obviously realise they are now drinking too much on a regular basis” said Bailey.

Vitaros cream is a topical treatment for erectile dysfunction, said to be ideal for those who just cannot, or struggle, to take oral tablets for whatever reason. However, Medical Specialists Pharmacy says that these people do not need to live in Misery anymore following the introduction of this cream that it says can help men with male impotence that cannot take other treatments or find them ineffective.

The company now offers its service to NHS patients via ‘Electronic Prescription’ or EPS2 which is how doctors send their prescriptions electronically to the required pharmacy. They can be nominated as your pharmacy by visiting and clicking on the ‘NHS Prescriptions’ tab to find out more.