Now Kevco takes Baci into Europe

Posted: December 11, 2014

Further to last month’s announcement that Kevco Wholesale was expanding into Europe with Seven ‘til Midnight, the Carlisle-based lingerie distributor has revealed that it is also now selling Baci Lingerie into new territories. The firm will begin with Scandinavia – Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland – but it also sees France and Germany as strategic markets that offer it opportunities to expand.

“We will be one of a select few master distributors serving mainland Europe,” explained Kevco’s Kevin Wooldridge. “We have achieved these gains by a commitment to growing the Baci brand and our excellent work in the UK marketplace. Our high standards as a lingerie distributor with a can-do attitude and excellent staff have helped us and we have already made inroads into the Scandinavian market.”

Baci’s current range consists of the following collections: White Label; White Label Seduction; White Label Plus; After Dark Hosiery; Dreams Bedroom Costumes; Dreams Hosiery; Envy; Eyelashes by Baci; Masq by Baci; Corsets by Baci; and Fetish by Baci.

“We will be selling all ranges into most areas,” said Wooldridge. “There are many new lines within the Baci collection that have never been sold into these areas, so we have a lot of work to do to showcase them. We will also have lots of new, exciting Baci collections for 2015. For example, White Label Seduction’s final releases are due to arrive early January. There will also be a brand new collection called Crisscross, and some exciting new Envy styles.”

The firm recently recruited Marie Larsen, who has worked with the Baci brand previously, to assist with its push into Scandinavia.  “Marie comes highly recommended and has a wonderful reputation with Baci and customers alike,” said Wooldridge. “We are leaning heavily on her knowledge of the Scandinavian market and are already seeing good results. Marie fits in well with the Kevco team and I’m sure she will be a great asset for years to come. Marie has worked with the Baci brand since day one and this unique perspective will greatly help in the day-to-day operations and sales. Her knowledge and love for Baci is very evident and contagious and our customers old and new will have a great resource available to them. We have also recently welcomed Bernadette to our office team in Carlisle, who can speak both French and German.”

Baci is currently assessing its distribution arrangements in Europe and it says that it would rather have a select group, that all share the same goals and visions for the future of the brand, than have a plethora of suppliers.

“This is a very exciting period of time for Baci,” said Baci owner Frank Koretsky. “Our decision to adjust our European distribution territories was difficult to make, but I’m confident we’ve chosen wisely. Kevco has always been, and will continue to be, a very valued Baci partner, and we’re all looking forward to the next chapter.”

“As always, growth is the main goal for any brand, and that’s exactly what Baci is getting by expanding things with Kevco,” Baci’s sales director Helle Panzieri added. “Unsurpassed product knowledge and a familiar presence will help Kevco put Baci in more shops than ever before.”

When asked about rivalry in Europe between Baci distributors, Kevin Wooldridge said: “Certain areas will be dedicated to us and the remaining areas will be open to the master distributors who have been chosen for their commitment and ability to meet the customer’s needs and expand sales. Competition in these areas will be fair and friendly, there will be order and organisation behind who sells where. The aims of the master distributors will be to 100% fulfil all orders and establish Baci as a major brand in the marketplace. Teamwork will be the buzzword. Good, reputable companies don’t differentiate themselves on pricing alone, but on knowhow, fill rate, customer service, and fast and accurate order turnaround. We hold massive stocks, price competitively and pride ourselves on our customer service and our rapid fulfilment. We hope that these factors as well as our excellent sales people will set us in good stead in the years to come in this new marketplace.”