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Nice ‘n’ Naughty in Olympics bid

Adult retail chain Nice ‘n’ Naughty is backing Britain this year by offering to supply the Great Britain team with condoms during this summer’s Olympic Games.

More than 300 athletes and 200 officials will be sent their own personal supply of contraceptives to help them through the Olympic warm up and 16 days of intense competition if the offer is accepted.

The condoms will be specially branded and come in red, white and blue to ensure the team continues to wave the flag while in Beijing.

Nice ‘n’ Naughty director Simon Prescott [pictured with co-director Trish Murray] says he also wants to make sure Great Britain’s athletes come home without any unwanted trophies from the trip: “The Games are designed to bring nations together. We want those cultural exchanges to be as enjoyable as possible, so what better way to support the team than with a gift everyone, both winners and losers, can use?

“We’ve all heard the stories about athletes abstaining from sex before a big sporting event but what happens when they are not under starter’s orders and want to relax? We also want Team GB to demonstrate the importance of safe sex to a worldwide audience,” said Simon, who also intends supplying other national teams.

“We manufacture Nice ‘n’ Naughty condoms in China so we can easily supply other teams if they want to follow the British example. Regardless of their performances on the track, field or pool we’re determined to help the athletes raise the bar in any bedroom games,” he added.

A letter has been sent to Ed Warner, head of UK Athletics, offering the Nice ‘n’ Naughty condoms.

“We’re awaiting a delivery address and details of the team’s exact requirements,” added Simon.