New Swans ready for take off

Posted: July 6, 2012

Canadian manufacturer BMS Factory has added five new models to its Swan collection. The new designs, named Swan Cygnet, Swan Silhouette, Swan Feather, and Eternal Swan, feature a 100% waterproof and submersible silicone finish, the intuitive ‘Press & Hold’ speed controls with instant-off, and they are powered by PowerBullet vibration technology. A new product in the Adore collection has also been introduced, Adore Petite Elegance.


The Swan Cygnet is described as a superior rabbit-style massager with a prominent body for very intense pleasure. The big addition is the clitoral stimulator, said to be surprisingly powerful for its size. The Swan Silhouette has a long and flexible vibrating tail and a beak for stimulating clitoral vibrations. The Swan Feather has two separate stimulators which are positioned very closely together while the Swan Eternal is a product that is specifically designed to be used with a partner. It can be used alone, but the firm body and separately powered ergonomic ends are designed for two women to use simultaneously.


As part of Swan’s already established sub-brand, Adore’s newest offering, Adore Petite Elegance, delivers the same amount of power, but in a smaller design. For more information contact Swan’s UK distributor Scala Playhouse on 01675 430300.