New S8 Waterbased Vegan Lube available from Scala

Posted: July 31, 2019

Retailers wishing to emphasise all-natural products to their increasingly eco-aware customers will be pleased to learn that S8’s new Waterbased Vegan Lubricant is now available from Scala. The distributor says of the product: “This lube is a perfect match with consumers looking for a body-safe, quality glide to enhance intimacy and smoothen out their pleasurable adventures. This amazing, long-lasting formula by S8 is completely vegan, making it both a health-conscious and environmentally conscious choice in intimate lubrication.”

The formula is also said to be paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, sulphate-free, plus it contains no added colours or preservatives.It is available in 50ml and 125ml sizes.

“With medical-grade approval, the S8 Waterbased Vegan Lubricant also adheres to all current EU-regulations regarding intimate care products and makes a trustworthy, competitive-priced and transparent alternative to other, non-approved vegan choices on the market,” said Scala.

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