New pjur espresso “jolts your love life with a caffeine kick”

Posted: May 31, 2013

As part of their new Sexy Six collection, ‘pjur group’ announce the introduction of the ‘pjur espresso’ – a water-based lubricant with caffeine. This new ‘pjur’ lubricant introduces a caffeine kick to the bedroom – completely free of taste, smell, or colour.

The company has said that the idea for ‘pjur espresso’ was born from a situation most of us know: When you are tired and listless, when you feel worn out, a fresh cup of coffee or espresso can do wonders. One sip of the hot beverage, and the spirits stir. The same principle applies to ‘pjur espresso’. The stimulating effect of the caffeine can also be felt in this lubricant, it thrills, it excites, it arouses. ‘pjur’ has taken the best the coffee bean has to offer – the pure caffeine, without any taste – and  used it as the foundation for their latest innovation.


‘pjur espresso’ stands for a new way of stimulation. Not only does it offer long-lasting lubricating properties, but it also works directly on the skin and increases blood flow, for an instant energy boost.

In tandem with this new product, ‘pjur’ also presents a brand new video clip. Similar to the other ‘pjur’ clips, the product video for ‘pjur espresso’ leaves the viewer with a smile on his or her face, and because it presents the advantages of the product in a way that is funny and perfectly relatable, it will stick in people’s minds. See for yourself:

‘pjur espresso’ comes in a 30ml bottle and a 100ml bottle. The first orders have already been placed with ‘pjur’, so don’t wait any longer and ramp up your turnover with ‘pjur espresso’ now.

The products, the videos, and a diverse range of marketing materials, can be ordered at For further information, go to