New Funky ToyJoy additions

Posted: April 10, 2014

Scala Playhouse has added two new lines to its ToyJoy Funky range – the Wave Vibrette and the Splash Bullet.

“Due to its approachable colourful appearance, slim line and multi-speed functions the Wave Vibrette is the perfect vibrator for young starters,” says Scala Playhouse. “This new one comes in five funky colours – pink, violet, blue, purple and orange. The naughty sister, the Splash Bullet, brings that joy dimension to a relationship which is so typical of ToyJoy. This too is available in five funky sparkling colours.”

The ToyJoy Funky range, like the Classics line, is currently being rebranded and Scala Playhouse says the new packaging and logo has been created to make the products more approachable and to appeal to a younger demographic.

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