Net 1on1 offers retailers additional Help & Advice

Posted: February 28, 2018

Net 1on1 has added a range of tutorial videos to its site, along with an expanded folder of marketing resources available for download – including banners, logos, and a brand new Loving Joy catalogue – and the option to view and browse the site with euro prices displayed instead of pound sterling.

The new Help & Advice page on contains guides and tutorial videos to aid existing and new customers get acquainted with the many features and shortcuts available for them. Topics include a detailed look at the downloadable live CSV and XML feeds, a tutorial about how company logos can be uploaded for a customised packing slip for dropshippers, and a step-by-step guide to batch payments. The company hopes that this will help new customers getting started as well as highlight features that might have been overlooked by existing customers.

A whole range of new banners have also been added to Net 1on1’s resource library so online retailers can freshen up their websites with brand ads for Bathmate, Doc Johnson Main Squeeze, Male Edge, Fetish Fantasy, Fifty Shades of Grey, King Cock and more, while European retailers are expected to welcome the option to see prices in euros.

Net 1on1’s customer service assistant Lili Hornyai said: “As the first point of contact to most of our new customers, for a while I’ve been collecting the most common enquiries submitted by new account holders. This helped us get a real overview of what raises the most questions and concerns for our customers, and so we decided to create a hub of information for them that they can refer to if they get stuck with anything. Product catalogue upload, stock management using CSV feeds, the packing slip dropshippers’ customers receive, batch payment, these are all topics that are raised every day, so we thought aiding and empowering our customers to be able to easily solve these issues themselves could really go a long way in making our site even more user-friendly. We have had such a positive response to our extensive, serialised product guides on our blog that creating this tutorial page seemed like a no-brainer.

“Similarly, we realised that there’s room for improvement on our Resources page, so we dug through our suppliers’ sites to upload a whole host of new banners in all shapes and sizes. The professionally designed images will help online retailers promote some of the bestselling brands out there and we have also made a new Loving Joy product catalogue available for download. This should please party planners who will be able to offer the competitively priced range with a high quality catalogue that shows off all the bestsellers perfectly. We are constantly updating, upgrading and learning how to best help our customers. We always aim to make their experience with Net 1on1 even more smooth and convenient. Of course, we are always happy to hear our customers’ feedback and are open to requests, so do not hesitate to get in touch and let us know what you think we should improve, change or update next.”

The new page can be seen at