Net 1on1 gets Sensuous for the UK and EU

Posted: October 23, 2014

Net 1on1 has announced that it has taken over UK and EU distribution of the Sensuous range of massage oils, enhancement creams and flavoured body paints, following the retirement of Bernard Hawkes of BH Sales. Net 1on1 has been stocking the Australian intimate consumables brand for two years and the firm says that customer demand has increased steadily during that time.

Net 1on1’s head buyer Danielle Warn said: “It’s a great opportunity to be able to distribute such a strong brand of quality products. We’re so pleased that Bernard saw the potential in working with us in the first place and we warmly welcome Sensuous CEO Keith Jones’s recent decision for Net 1on1 Wholesale to carry Sensuous going forward. Our customers love the range and I look forward to helping Sensuous grow their presence in the marketplace.”

Net 1on1 says the move has come as not only Bernard ends his role with Sensuous but also in response to the level of interest shown at both the ETO and eroFame shows. The firm says that both existing and potential customers have shown equal excitement when they learned that they could now purchase the full Sensuous product catalogue more locally.

Sensuous CEO Keith Jones said: “We are very sorry to say goodbye to BH Sales and wish Bernard a long and happy retirement, but as they say, when one door closes another one opens and the door which has just opened in front of us is very big indeed. We are thrilled to be working with Net 1on1 and we see this as a great opportunity. We have been watching their recent growth with great interest and we are very excited to be a part of it. Net 1on1 will not only be able to help increase our presence in the UK but will also give us access to customers in Europe. We look forward to working with them in helping to build the Sensuous brand in their region.”

The full range of Sensuous products is in stock and available to order now. For more information contact Net 1on1 on 01727 744369 or visit