Natural Contours Splits Amicably From BMC Intimate

Posted: March 2, 2008

Natural Contours has parted company with its UK wholesaler, BMC Intimate, and the firm’s UK distributor, BH Sales (aka Natural Contours UK), will now be supplying retail direct – at lower prices.

Bernard Hawkes of BH Sales commented: “This does not reflect on the excellent service given by BMC Intimate, who I’d like to thank for the professional dedication which they have shown to the brand, but the company will no longer, by mutual agreement, be supplying the range.”

Hawkes added that the Natural Contours range of massagers and wellbeing products are enjoying worldwide growth and that sales in the UK trebled in the last year.

“There is even greater potential on the horizon,” he added. “New original products are being launched over the coming months and we need to be able to support the brand much closer and to have a more “hands on” approach with our important frontline retail points.”

Dominic Hawes of BMC Intimate commented: “This is part of a range rationalisation at BMC. We have to move with the times and we thought that Natural Contours wasn’t fulfilling the needs of our customers anymore. It’s a good product but it’s not right for us.”

The Natural Contours range will now be supplied from BH Sales’ Slough warehouse and the company is offering a 24 hour turnaround time and the ability to ship any size of order. Under the new arrangement, trade prices will be up to 15 per cent lower than previously. An updated information pack is available to buyers which includes all the new prices and free image discs.

For further information about Natural Contours products contact BH Sales on 01753 869451 or email