Men and masturbation survey results revealed

Posted: March 4, 2014

A survey conducted by novelty sock site has revealed that 18% of men masturbate several times a day, 40% admitted to doing it once per day, 36% do it weekly, 4% just once a month and 2% claimed they did not masturbate at all.

The study was conducted throughout January on 168 male participants. The favourite locations for self-loving were the bedroom (68%), the living room (14%), and the bathroom (12%). Other interesting findings include: 35% of respondents said they had used a sex toy, 49% had been caught masturbating, and 56% said they preferred sex to cracking one out. 12% said their average session lasted longer than 20 minutes, with 1% getting it over in less than a minute.

Mark Rofe of commented: “We’ve really gone under the duvets and into the homes of Britain’s male population to find out just how much a part of the male sex life masturbation is. It’s one of those habits that is often joked about but rarely seriously discussed, perhaps because men have less of a forum and less inclination to talk honestly and frankly about their bedroom habits than women do. We know that most men will find it hard to initiate a serious conversation with their friends or partner so it was intriguing to conduct this poll and get honest answers from men of all ages and of various relationship statuses. The most surprising result we found was that 41% of those polled admitted to having previously used a sock while masturbating. We never thought people actually used socks – perhaps an explanation for this is because they are within easy reach.”