Material matters: Sportsheets moves to silicone for whips and ticklers

Posted: June 6, 2017

Sportsheets has announced it is reintroducing a selection of whips and ticklers in body-safe silicone instead of latex in order to cater to customers with latex sensitivities. The company’s 10” and 14” whips and ticklers in black, red, and purple will now be manufactured using silicone threads, though they will still be phthalate-free and made with long-lasting, comfortable materials including wood beads and durable nylon cord in the whips and ABS plastic rods with rubber caps in the ticklers.

“Producing these whips and ticklers with silicone rather than latex makes them safe for everybody while maintaining the same range of sensation that Sportsheets customers expect,” the company said. The change applies specifically to product numbers SS80001 [pictured] through SS80003, SS81001 through SS81003, SS73001 through SS73003 and SS76025 through SS76027. For more information contact your favourite Sportsheets distributor or visit