Mantric introduces Sysil

Posted: September 1, 2009

Mantric has launched a new toy range called Sysil, which has been designed to allow couples to experiment with strap-on play using different positions in a more natural way than previously possible. The patent pending design which allows different positions to be achieved is called the Flexeloc Smart System, and Mantric states that in addition to making sexual experimentation a more comfortable, it also simulates penetrative sex in a more natural way.

The first toy to be released in the series is Sysil: Edge, which is targeted at the lesbian market. Sysil: Edge features two ergonomically designed, non-phallic shafts which can be set at one of three pre-determined angles.

Dominic Hawes, Mantric’s Managing Director, explained how the product was conceived: “We’ve sold harness systems ever since we launched and it struck us that 99% of the models on the market have the phallus protruding from quite high up on the pubic bone. We wanted to see whether it was possible to create a product that was more anatomically correct, where the dildo was secured to a more natural place. We felt that this would allow for a much more natural feeling during sex. Once we’d made that leap, we wanted to explore what happened to strap-on harnesses in different sexual positions. After all, not everyone wants to make love in the missionary position!

“Creating a locking system that allowed the user to fix the protruding shaft at different angles wasn’t easy, but now that it’s possible a whole new world of bedroom fun has opened up.

“Harnesses were one thing, but the world of double-ended dildos and vibrators was also quite under-developed. There are plenty of products on the market, but most of them look like fat snakes and that makes natural sexual simulation almost impossible. In creating Edge as the first product, we’ve killed two birds with one stone and made a product that is unlike anything else on the market.”

Sysil: Edge is made from 100% medical grade silicone and it comes supplied with a waterproof one-touch bullet that fits into the main shaft. The product retails for £70 and is currently exclusively available from BMC Intimate. For further information contact BMC Intimate on 020 7193 0435 or visit