Lovehoney to give eroFame the Finger

Posted: September 9, 2014

Lovehoney will be launching the Rockbox Finger at eroFame, a new product designed by industry veteran Tom Nardone, the owner of, a US-based sex toys retailer. Nardone, who has a background in mechanical engineering, developed the Rockbox Finger after observing that the way people stimulate themselves manually was quite different to the actions of most vibrators.

Nardone explained: “Women tend to move their fingers back and forth or in and out in a rubbing motion, but vibrators just buzz quickly in one spot. I thought there might be a way to make a toy that recreated the motion that people choose themselves. I also had some experience at a trade show where there was a man who was a self-proclaimed expert on making women squirt. This man sold a video where he instructed you on how to do it. His motion was a furious in and out motion of his fingertips on the G-spot. I thought that a toy could recreate the motion as well. I made a dozen prototypes from a finger-shaped dildo and an electric carving saw. I gave the prototypes to acquaintances and friends in the adult toy business. They were an immediate hit. I partnered with Lovehoney because I am a huge fan of what they did with the Sqweel and the Rockbox. Both of those toys defied convention but are very pleasurable. Both were successful and well received. I wanted my invention to be the same. I am glad they believed in it.”

Nardone added that he believes the product will appeal most to experienced users as it provides very intense sensations and, rather bucking the trend of most recent high profile launches, it is neither quiet nor gentle. Nardone said that despite this lack of subtlety, the response of those who tried the prototypes was overwhelmingly positive: “Even though the toy is unabashedly noisy, it is so effective everyone loved it.”

The product will be launched late October and have a suggested retail price of £34.99. For more information visit the Lovehoney stand at eroFame, which takes place in Hannover, Germany, from October 8th – 10th, or contact