Leg Avenue’s social media popularity at record levels

Posted: June 28, 2017

Leg Avenue has reported that its popularity on social media platforms such as Instagram, where influencers showcase Leg Avenue’s lingerie and hosiery styles, is at record levels, and this is being reflected in sales figures.

Joyce Mallo, from Leg Avenue’s marketing team, explained: “The fact that celebrities, influencers, and even customers style our products on their own and share this with the rest of the world is highly valuable to us. It shows the world that Leg Avenue can be sexy in many ways, and for many different personalities. Our brand is diverse and speaks to a wider group of women. No matter what personality she has, or occasion she’s wearing it, Leg Avenue has got them covered with sexiness.”

Joyce added: “Leg Avenue complements a certain lifestyle where women feel in control, confident, and sexy. The lingerie and hosiery is for those who want to unleash their inner sex-appeal, and want to explore a boudoir lifestyle where they can be the woman they want to be.”

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