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January 5th “the most adulterous day of the year” according to dating website

January 5th

Today is the most adulterous day of the year, according to IllicitEncounters.com, the dating website for married people seeking affairs. The firm says that going back to work after a busy and stressful Christmas is the most likely time to embark on an affair. It adds that statistics show that January is the time most married people either think about starting an affair or splitting from their partner completely, making it Britain’s bleakest month of the year for marriages. This follows research conducted that shows that one in three married people think they may have married the wrong person or for the wrong reason.

Spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com Mike Taylor explained: “Christmas and New Year are times when couples spend an intense period of time with each other and their families. This can be quite claustrophobic and sometimes leads to a ‘cabin fever’ situation where both parties feel irritated with each other and underlying problems are exacerbated. The 5th of January is typically one of the first days back to work and back to freedom and spouses take this opportunity to explore all the things they couldn’t under the watchful eye of their partner.”

IllicitEncounters.com says it sees on average 30% higher levels of activity during the winter months compared with the rest of the year, and this year to attract more female members it has even released a 2015 calendar to showcase some of its eligible non-bachelors.

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