Heavy metal thunder: new steel accessories added to Bound to Please

Posted: August 31, 2017

Net 1on1 has announced it has expanded its Bound to Please range with a collection of high quality steel cock rings. The Bound to Please range was launched with a variety of nipple and clit clamps and high-quality bondage ropes, but Net 1on1 believes the introduction of these steel cock play accessories will take the brand to the next level. The new range will include standard cock and ball rings in three different sizes, a triple cock & ball ring, a through-hole penis plug, and a glans ring.

Net 1on1 head buyer Danielle Warn said: “After the runaway success of the Impound male chastity devices it became clear that there’s a very high demand at the moment for heavy duty items. These are products that will serve the consumer for years on end if cared for properly. These are products that are hygienic and can be cleaned very easily. Products that are straightforward and simple so beginners can pick them up just as easily as more advanced players. Products that can be put through the wringer and won’t break. As that Tenacious D song says ‘You can’t kill the metal, the metal lives on!’ We saw this with Precious Metals and Furry Fantasy too – you just simply can’t go wrong with metal products.”

She continued: “It’s really important for us to keep the range fresh and trendy for the modern retailer. The nipple and clit clamps got some really good reviews recently online, so we got the female market covered, but we really wanted to add some male toys to the line – why should the boys feel left out? We wanted to make sure that we cover all the basics, so, for example, beginners can start out their metal cock play journey with a simple cock ring made of stainless steel – they will even be able choose the size most appropriate for them as we offer 40mm, 45mm and 50mm rings for a comfortable wear. On the other hand, those who seek something more thrilling and/or painful, can pick up a through-hole penis plug to use during urethral play and achieve a kick-ass fake pierced look. We are confident that these metal cock rings and accessories will go down a treat with retailers as they offer some excellent margins – up to 60-70% – and still come to a very generous and accessible price point for the consumer. Basically, with this range, we are putting the pedal to the metal so our customers – and their customers – can go full throttle in their penis play.”

The new Bound to Please cock play range will be available for retailers to purchase from mid-September.

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