Hamster damn! Scala Playhouse now stocking xHamster Fifi

Posted: May 23, 2017

Scala Playhouse has announced it is now stocking the xHamster Fifi masturbator. This special edition of the Fifi masturbator includes the xHamster logo and a new textured interior. “The special xHamster Fifi masturbator offers an extra luxurious experience for fans of the naughty website,” said Scala Playhouse. “What makes the xHamster version different from the regular Fifis is the xHamster logo and the special packaging – a must-have collector’s box with gold foil accents.”

The xHamster Fifi also includes five disposable sleeves. Users simply unroll their Fifi, lay the sheet of fabric flat and make sure the Velcro fastening is on the front, then place one of the disposable sleeves at the opposite end of the Velcro and roll up the fabric, creating a roll – until the Velcro matches and it can be fastened. Just add lube to go. Afterwards the sleeve is removed and disposed of, so the user does not have to endure the tiresome act of cleaning up.

For more information visit www.scalaplayhouse.com