Guys and dolls: London retailer reports huge increase in sales for silicone dolls

Posted: December 7, 2017

Sex dolls are certainly flavour of the month as far as the UK media is concerned, and following on from Vibez Adult Boutique’s matchmaking efforts (in which the retailer arranged for a reporter to go on a date with its £4,000 sex robot Samantha) and Channel Four’s screening of The Sex Robots Are Coming, it appears that all this exposure is translating into sales. London-based retailer Silicone Sex World says demand for its custom made dolls has increased dramatically: six months ago the firm was processing around two orders a week but it is now selling five dolls a day, and it expects this figure to double in 2018.

The retailer offers both pre-built and custom made silicone sex dolls, with options to choose skin tone, hair colour, breast size and body type according to personal preference, and prices start from £900. Silicone Sex World’s Andy Phelps said: “One thing which we have found really interesting, and that highlights just how much the notion of a sex doll is becoming less taboo in Britain, is that as time goes on, customers have fewer questions around the dolls. We think that the idea of a sex doll is fast becoming the norm and those looking to purchase are much more open and clued up about the type of doll they want and what to expect.

“At one point, we may have spoken to 20 customers a day regarding the dolls. Today, the enquiry rate is dropping but the order rate is increasing. We are still seeing an increase in the number of enquiries regarding the sex robots, which is really the next frontier – and certainly something that we expect to be available by the end of March 2018.

“Although the glamorous side of sex dolls is often spoken about, there is still a ways to go when it comes to the consumer awareness side. Many of the customers who come to us have used dropshipping companies, or ordered from websites in the Far East who are selling dolls which are not deemed legal in the UK. Those dolls are then seized by customs and the purchaser can often expect a visit from the authorities – this is why it is extremely important to buy from a verified seller like ourselves who have a relationship with customs, know the UK laws and handle all of this ourselves.”

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