Got milk? Hands-free male masturbator arrives at Planet Earth

Posted: November 17, 2015

Planet Earth Wholesale claims that male masturbation is about to change for the better with the launch of the LoveBotz Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker Machine – a completely automatic device which is designed to make male masturbation a hands-free experience.

The Milker offers a choice of two sleeves. The sleeve is placed over the penis and attached to a power box. The user then twists the dial and sits back while his penis is sucked or stroked: Planet Earth says that many men have said it is better than the real thing.

The company said: “Use alone or with a partner, the LoveBotz Milker can make all kinds of sexual play even better, either by giving control to your lover or placing the device on the nipples or clit for a new series of sensations. The Milker Automatic Stroker Machine is just one of many LoveBotz products added to the Planet Earth Wholesale catalogue in time for Christmas.”

For more information contact Planet Earth Wholesale on 01924 291022 or email