Get Bucked: the new kid in town

Posted: May 1, 2019

A new range of men’s lotions and potions has ridden into Eropartner Distribution, and it’s rocking a bit of a western theme. Called Bucked, the new collection includes Phantom Cum Play Original Lubricant 240ml and 60ml, Wrangler Masturbation Cream Unscented 120ml and 60ml, Smokey Wrangler Masturbation Cream 120ml and 60ml, Mount Hybrid Original Lubricant 120ml and 60ml, and Stride Silicone Original Lubricant 120ml and 60ml.

“Bucked empowers men to saddle up and ride with confidence,” said Eropartner Distribution. “Made exclusively for men by men to uphold the rigorous needs of their sexual desires. Their tone exudes sophistication and class while blurring the line with wild and raw. They have upgraded from boys with ponies to men with horses. Giving permission and encouraging to go a little dark, a little more extreme, a little more leather.”

The products contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help protect, heal and sooth and they have a PH range of 5-7 which Eropartner says make them ideal for anal use. For more information visit