Mystim Opus E now available from Scala

Posted: May 1, 2019

The Mystim Opus E series of e-stim masturbators are now available to order from Scala. There are three models in the range – anal, vaginal, and donut – and it’s not just the entry points that are different, the internal chambers of the donut and anal models have sophisticated bump and groove textures while the vaginal model features materials with different degrees of hardness and texture and the shape mimics the female vaginal canal to enhance the realistic feel.

“Each new Opus E masturbator features a lifelike inner texture that transmits electrical currents from the base of the penis to the tip,” said Scala. “The addition of electro-stimulation to masturbation adds a unique twist to intimate play, sparking incredible sensations unlike anything else you will have felt before.”

The Opus E is compatible with all common electro-stimulating devices, so it can be controlled via cables as well as wirelessly. “The scope of delivery includes two push-button adapters for connecting it to any Powerbox, such as our Tension Lover or Pure Vibes, or even the power boxes of other manufacturers,” said Mystim’s Christoph Hofmann. “But it only becomes perfect with our Mystim Cluster Buster and Sultry Sub Black Edition. By simply clicking in the Sultry Sub Black Edition the Opus E is turned into a remote controlled, wireless e-stim masturbator. This is much more convenient for the user. There are no wires to tangle up or get in the way and you simply have more freedom of movement.”

To connect an Opus E to a controller, the user has to simply turn on his Sultry Sub or Cluster Buster, and they connect automatically. Users can choose the intensity of the stimulation current from a gentle tingling to a slight twitching to a stronger pulsation.

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