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Fun Factory bowls us a Bouncer

Fun Factory bowls us a Bouncer

Fun Factory is claiming to have created a new category of sex toys with its latest innovation, which it has named the ShakeDildo Bouncer. It appears to be a conventional dildo at first sight but each of the three bulges in the shaft hides a freely rotating ball. The company says that this means that all 18 centimetres of the toy provides trembling stimulation with the slightest movement. And because the Bouncer is not powered it is completely silent.

Simone Kalz, head of production and product development, who oversaw the development of the Bouncer, said: “We often get inspiration for new toys from our customers – that’s how Bouncer came about, too. We kept getting enquiries about a satisfying toy that has all the stature and flexibility of a dildo but is boosted by quiet stimulations. The reactions from our test groups were super. Even experienced toy users found thrilling new arousal with the Bouncer and its three rotating balls while beginners loved the diversity.”

Bouncer is said to be not only suitable for vaginal penetration but also for anal enjoyment. Its flat base means it can also be used in a harness and for pegging plus it adheres to any flat surface and even walls.

For more information visit www.funfactory.com