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Free tonight? Great! Let’s go for a beer and talk about sex toys and intimacy

LELO has partnered with London-based Great Beyond Brewing Company to launch a new limited-edition craft beer called The Masturbitter. The initiative follows research conducted by LELO that revealed almost half (46%) of British men have used a male sex toy, but most (59%) would not admit to using one to their male friends.

The research also revealed that almost half of men (48%) have had zero conversations about personal matters such as sexual pleasure and masturbation in the last year, and 43% of men don’t feel comfortable opening up to their male friends about intimate topics at all.

It is hoped that the launch of the new beer will encourage more open and honest conversations around male pleasure – as the research suggested that if men were to talk about such matters, many would choose to do so ‘over a pint’.

In addition to stating the IPA’s 3.9% ABV, The Masturbitter can design features statistics such as ‘59% of men do not feel comfortable discussing male sex toys with their male friends’ to act as a reflection point and conversation starter for those drinking the beer. It is available to buy exclusively at greatbeyond.beer or in the brewery’s own taproom, while stocks last.

Jaydi Wilson-Jenkins, LELO’s UK marketing and communications manager, commented: “Thanks to everything from Sex and the City to the sex positive movement of today, we have found an increase in comfortability and confidence in women talking about sexual wellness and pleasure.

“When it comes to men, we know they are purchasing sex toys for their own pleasure at high volumes, with F1S V2 being one of our bestselling products in the UK. However, our research shows that men in the UK are embarrassed to open up to their friends on the same topics for fear of ridicule, showing there is still more work to be done to remove the stigma and perception that using sex toys is ‘weird’.

“We hope that our partnership with Great Beyond Brewing Company will directly put the conversation in men’s hands and encourage them to open up about their use of sex toys and male pleasure without any shame or embarrassment over a pint.”

LELO has recently announced the launch of a new addition to its growing portfolio of male pleasure toys, the F1S V3 and F1S V3 XL. A vibrating male masturbation sleeve, the toy is the brand’s latest venture into male sex tech and even includes a new AI interactive mode that personalises and improves performance with every use.

Ben Hurst, activist, educator and the head of training at Beyond Equality (formerly The Good Lad Initiative), added: “I’m super excited to join LELO for the debut of their new limited-edition craft beer, The Masturbitter. As a guy who spends their working life encouraging men to speak openly about topics that might be considered taboo, I think it’s amazing that LELO has created a product that will help men to have these conversations. From dismantling gendered stereotypes to re-constructing a deeper understanding of masculinity, the aim is for men to come together over a pint and discuss everything from sexual pleasure, to intimacy and sexual expectations. I for one am looking forward to catching up with friends over a Masturbitter!”