Fleshlight takes anti-counterfeiting action in South Africa

Posted: December 14, 2017

Fleshlight has recently conducted an anti-counterfeiting operation in South Africa, where a company was selling ‘poor quality knock-off’ versions of its Fleshlight Girls products to retailers and on the internet. Fleshlight says that given the size of the company concerned, the impact on South Africa’s adult sector was considerable. The Fleshlight initiative resulted in the removal and destruction of all the fake products and  ‘an important change in the sales dynamics of the company in question, which is now purchasing original products’.

Fleshlight emphasised that it is constantly surveying the market and will take strong measures to protect its intellectual property rights, both worldwide and on the internet, and its efforts have resulted in the elimination of thousands of counterfeit versions of its products online and from retail stores. The company is also taking action to recover domain names that purport to be ‘official’ in some way, by using the term ‘Fleshlight’ somewhere in the name.

The company said: “In addition, we would like to highlight the elimination of more than 85% of infringing offerings of fake goods, thus avoiding the propagation of internet offers of this nature and achieving a strong dissuasive effect among infringers worldwide.”