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ETO Show means business

Despite challenging trading conditions, July’s ETO Show has been declared a success by the majority of exhibitors. The decision not to offer Giveaway vouchers resulted in a slightly lower attendance figure (1139 for 2008) but many exhibitors commented that the quality of visitors was higher than in previous years, and some of the country’s leading mainstream buyers were spotted walking the aisles.

Many of the big UK names were delighted with the event. Kate Hodgson-Egan of ABS said: “It’s been absolutely fantastic…At one point there were eight of us working it and we were all taken up with people overflowing into the aisle.”

Scala’s Clive Gore said: “It’s been one of the best shows we’ve had. We’ve had less people but the quality has been up…If you take more orders than before, as we have, it’s got to be right, hasn’t it?”

Queensway’s Stuart Inglis commented: “We’ve had a fantastic response to Evolved; pre-sales of half our first shipment. Our whole expansion for 2008, everything we’re going to be doing, really came together at this show.”

While toys and films are a large part of the business, just about every adult sector was represented at the show, including a good selection of lingerie suppliers. Veritus UK’s Fiona Flower said: “It’s our second year here so we were wondering if it could be better than last year and it has been.”

Many first time exhibitors also enjoyed the experience. Bert Ruzette of Playhouse said: “The show’s gone very well so we’re very happy,” while Darren Knight of Crackstuffers commented: “We’re kind of amazed at the response.” Brian Bradly of Don Wands UK said the show was “Way beyond our expectations” and Hustler Europe CEO Jeff Hawkins said: “I’ve been very pleasantly surprised.”

A full report from the show can be seen in the August issue of ETO and pictures from the event can be viewed at: www.erotictradeonly.com/gallery/view/?id=32