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ETO Show exhibitors: Naughty Originals

Naughty Originals will be introducing ETO Show visitors to a number of products it has the exclusive distribution rights to. Perhaps the most intriguing is Blowdon, a fully compliant condom which tastes like cannabis. This is currently being distributed in the Netherlands where it is apparently selling very well indeed. Another line sure to attract attention is Vishagra, a food supplement for the male and female market in Blue and Pink varieties. Mojo Pro is a pheromone product, available in sprays or as wipes, in two versions; one to attract men and one to attract women, so one of the two will suit all genders and orientations. Visitors can also expect to find novelty products such as Gregory Pecker, the inflatable willy, and the world’s only celebrity inflatable sheep – Lady BaBa. Introductory discounts will be available off wholesale prices for orders placed at the show.