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ETO is back in print and arriving with subscribers now

ETO is back in print, following a two-year sabbatical, and the first ‘new’ issue is arriving with subscribers now. Erotic author, and inventor of the Ruby Glow ride-on vibe, Tabitha Rayne was the first subscriber to go public with the news, posting a picture of herself with her copy of the magazine and the caption, “It was like greeting an old friend at the letterbox today.”

Reacting to the post, Tracey Whitmore of Aylesford’s Vibez Adult Boutique quipped: “Best thing to drop on the doormat for two years!” while Renee Denyer of Sh! Women’s Store added: “I’ve missed the magazine – I was so happy when I found out it’s coming back!”*

Key features of the print issue include a look ahead to EroSpain, a report from January’s ANME show in Las Vegas, interviews with new O-Products CEO Andre Visser and Mister B brand manager Tony de Wilde, plus we chat with new ETO owner Jason Dante and find out his plans for your favourite organ.

In addition, Adam Bernstein takes an in-depth look at Belgium, and its capital is the focus for our Mystery Shopper, who spent an exhausting day touring the city’s adult stores. Did she encounter any hustles in Brussels? Read her exclusive waffle-free report in this issue.

There are also articles looking at the benefits of employing older workers and a history of celeb-endorsed sex toys, while a romp through the archive unearths the first interview the Lovehoney founders did with any publication. And finally, we finish off this feast of tradey goodness with the return of Readers Lives, featuring one of the industry’s most popular characters (who also starred in the very first issue of ETO back in July 2003).

*Full disclosure: both Renee and Tracey are longstanding ETO columnists, and they both feature in the new Spring issue. Renee discusses pumping Tenga eggs with dildos, customer interactions, and saying goodbye, while Tracey reveals the impact her appearance in a TV documentary had, and how her store also became a star on the ‘gram.