Enhanced Suck-O-Mat now available from Orion

Posted: May 23, 2019

Orion has announced the launch of an enhanced version of its Suck-O-Mat hands-free masturbation device. The Suck-O-Mat Remote Controlled now includes, as its name suggests, a remote controller but it also comes with a car cigarette lighter power adaptor, and a transparent air tube and sleeve.

“Even though its technology looks quite complicated, the Suck-O-Mat is actually very easy to use,” said an Orion spokesperson. “All someone needs to do is to apply plenty of water-based lubricant and then insert the penis halfway into the soft, flexible sleeve of the mains-powered masturbator. They can set the intensity and speed, and then relax and enjoy.”

Orion says the device’s pump/suction impulses make the soft, flexible sleeve move up and down the penis in an automatic, rhythmic way, and the integrated pleasure ring increases the stimulating sensation. The five intensity levels and five speeds can be adjusted separately with the remote control, which has a range of up to three metres, and the suction impulses per minute go from 42 on level 1 up to 109 on level 5.

The original Suck-O-Mat is also still available, and Orion is also offering Suck-O-Mat branded water-based gel that is particularly suitable for the devices.

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