ElectraStim adds two new Care lines

Posted: March 28, 2017

ElectraStim has launched two new consumables designed to protect its products and ensure the longevity of their materials. Joining its existing Electro-Conductive Gel in the Care range are Electro-Sex Toy Cleaner and Jack Socket Renewing Powder. The former enables users to ensure hygienic electro-sex before and after play, and it has been tested to work effectively with the entire ElectraStim range. The latter is made from 100% cornstarch so it functions in the same way as other TPE cleaners but it has been sourced to be vegan friendly and completely organic. Dusted onto a clean and dry Jack Socket inner sleeve, ElectraStim says the powder will return the softness to the material for a satisfying experience during play and an improved product life.

Branded POS shelving is available for bricks and mortar retailers. Electro-Sex Toy Cleaner has a retail price of £7.99 and Jack Socket Renewing Powder retails at £6.99.


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