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Drunk Asshole becomes Kheper’s latest product launch

Drunk Asshole becomes Kheper’s latest product launch

The latest party game from Kheper Games is Drunk Asshole Says…, which is described as a drinking game for 3-10 players where the Drunk Asshole gets to have most of the fun by telling players what to do and when to drink.

Cards are turned over one at a time, revealing either instructions for who drinks, or a contest.  Contests take existing drinking game concepts such as “I Never…” where you drink if you have never done something the player taking the turn has, or “Drink If…” where you drink if you’ve done the action announced. There are also Extreme Personal Questions.

Drunk Asshole Says… is based on Kheper’s most popular holiday game, Drunk Santa Says… and it – along with 13 other new releases – was launched at July’s ANME. Kheper CEO Brian Pellham said: “We are thrilled to be back visiting customers and having trade show booths again. As our product designer, these in-person meetings really help me design stronger products because of the feedback we receive at them. And it can be as simple as someone asking us, why we don’t have a year-round version of our most popular holiday game?”

For more information visit www.khepergames.com

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