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Digital Playground users’ data hacked


According to hackers, the details of more than 73,000 subscribers to porn site Digital Playground were stolen recently. A previously unknown hacker group calling itself The Consortium claim to have accessed and copied user names, email addresses, passwords and other sensitive member information, along with the numbers, expiry dates and security codes for 40,000 credit cards.

Digital Playground’s subscribers have been contacted to let them know about the breach and the site was taken offline for an investigation. It’s currently not taking new members and the members-only area has also been suspended.

By Monday, March 12th The Consortium had already posted some of the data it stole online, adding they’d found security on the Digital Playground site was lax, making it a target “too enticing to resist.”

The Consortium posted in a log giving details of admin login names and passwords, plus a selection of user email addresses and names of some members. Details of the four servers supporting the site, software licence keys and internal emails were also posted along with the comment, “This company has security, that if we didn’t know it was a real business, we would have thought to be a joke – a joke that we found much more amusing than they will.”

Additionally The Consortium – which claims to be connected to the Anonymous and Lulz Security hacker groups – said some of the credit card data was held by Digital Playground in plain text form.

Digital Playground is based in California but the website is managed and hosted by Luxembourg-based Manwin, which took over operation of the site on March the 1st. In a statement Manwin said the breach may have occurred before it took charge. Meanwhile Manwin management is overseeing the investigation.

The breach follows a similar incident in late February when details of more than 6,000 YouPorn discussion forum (YP Chat) users were stolen. YP Chat is operated separately form YouPorn, which is also administered by Manwin. A third-party provider’s poor security was blamed for that breach. Brazzers has also recently been under attack by hackers.


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