Work starts on new Topco lab facility

Posted: December 7, 2016

Topco has announced it has started work on the construction of a state-of-the-art US-based laboratory facility boasting 7,000 square feet and FDA 510(k) certification. The company says this move will allow it to expand its catalogue and extend its private label capabilities. The new facility will handle existing Topco-branded products such as Liquid Sex, Sex Tarts, Climax, Climax Elite, Climax Bursts, and Hot Stuff, plus develop new lines and OTC (over the counter) drug products for private-label clients.

“Our new facility follows local and national regulatory direction and permits Topco to make processed foods, cosmetics, drugs, and devices in the state of California,” Topco COO Autumn O’Bryan said. “We also have retained FDA registration for the manufacture and distribution of medical devices, a major move for our historic company that allows virtually limitless opportunities for expanding our R&D, product development, and private label departments. The team and I are incredibly excited for this and looking forward to discussing options with customers at the upcoming January trade shows.”

Topco says its new facility will double the size of its current Quality Control and Research and Development labs with an open floor plan that will allow for improved scaling of batch manufacturing, filling and packaging. In adherence to strict Ventura County regulations, Topco’s facility also will boast an upgraded sanitation system with features designed to improve and streamline the whole process.

“Where other companies resort to larger-scale outsourcing, Topco chose to push ahead and open windows of opportunity that ultimately help us and our customers grow in this competitive market,” Topco account manager and private label expert Omar Cantos said. “We are proud to make the first of many announcements to keep customers up to date on our new facility’s development and eventual ribbon-cutting ceremony.”

For more information about Topco visit or schedule a meeting with the company at the January trade shows in Burbank and Las Vegas by emailing