Cleaning up is now as easy as 1,2,3 says Cobeco Pharma

Posted: September 4, 2018

Cobeco Pharma has announced the launch of, a new collection of products that the firm says delivers a complete cleaning kit for all toys and dolls. No.1 is a gentle washing soap, No 2 is a disinfectant and antibacterial spray, and No.3 is a protection powder for maintenance and storage.

Cobeco says that sex dolls are now more popular than ever, and they’ve been around longer than you might think. “Some of the first sex dolls were invented by Dutch sailors in the seventeenth century who would be isolated at sea during long voyages,” explained Cobeco. “These masturbatory dolls, referred to by the French as dame de voyage and by the Spanish as dame de viale, were made of sewn cloth or old clothes and were a direct predecessor to today’s sex dolls. The Dutch sold some of these dolls to Japanese people during the Rangako period, and the term ‘Dutch wives’ is still sometimes used in Japan to refer to sex dolls.”

Cobeco states that while those sailors probably just soaked the dolls in water and hung them to dry, today’s sex dolls – and toys – are made of more sophisticated materials and require proper maintenance products to extend their longevity. “ is the solution to maintain all these products,” the company said. “Depending on what type of product it is the owner can select No.1, No.2, No.3 or simply all. No.1 is a washing soap to wash off all dust before use and all liquids like body fluids and lubricants after use; No.2 is a disinfectant spray to kill all bacteria that is still on the product after washing it; and No.3 is a protection powder that is essential for all masturbators as well as the sensitive areas of the sex dolls, regardless if they are female or male dolls.”

The range also includes Shining Spray, which is designed to refresh and condition latex, leather and rubber garments. will be available from mid-September. For more information visit or contact the firm via