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On the game: playful new launches from Creative Conceptions

On the game: playful new launches from Creative Conceptions

Creative Conceptions has launched Sexy 6 and OSG, two new adult games for couples, plus released enhanced versions of two of its existing properties. Sexy 6 features six dice which determine who does what to which part of their lover’s body, how will they do it, and where they will do it. It is designed to add spontaneity, excitement, and a little bit of kink to players’ love life.

OSG (Our Sex Game) is said to encourage stimulating conversation, erotic exploration, and experimentation that will leave nothing untouched. On a board that spells out S E X, the experience intensifies from Sensual to Erotic to X-rated as players advance from one stage to the next. Players discover what they will be doing, where they will be doing it and how from the square they land on and the dice they roll. The board is also loaded with OSG squares where players pick a card describing kinky scenarios and actions which they must indulge in together. Creative says that the many random aspects ensure players will enjoy a different experience each time they play.

Creative Conceptions is also releasing Deluxe versions of Fifty Days of Play and Fifty Nights of Naughtiness, as co-founder Jane Bowles explained: “Due to the huge popularity and success of the original games, we felt inspired to create an invigorated deluxe version of the two games. The games feature enhanced packaging that expresses the black and red in a more intense depth of tone and brand new seductive photography that enchants the eye. There are significant additions to the contents also with each now containing two luxury items to further stimulate play. Fifty Days of Play includes a satin blindfold and bondage tape and Fifty Nights of Naughtiness a bullet and silk tie. Whether you prefer to be naughty at night, or dirty by daylight, these games will have you lusting for one another from dusk till dawn.”

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