Clean up with Lelo, suggests ABS

Posted: May 2, 2014

ABS Holdings has announced that during the whole month of May the distributor is offering its customers an opportunity to increase sales of luxury brand Lelo.

“Thanks to our special relationship with Lelo, we have managed to secure a great offer for our customers,” said Glenn Wilde of ABS. “With every Lelo item we sell during the month of May, we will give away a free 60 ml bottle of Lelo’s very own toy cleaner. This will be a major incentive for our dropship customers and trade customers alike to pass on a great deal to their customers. Coupling a Lelo purchase with a toy cleaner is a fantastic bonus for our customers, who should be able to reap the benefits of this free add on-sale. It promotes not only value for money but more importantly, an interest in the health and safety of their customers, thus endearing themselves and hopefully, earning future sales and customer loyalty.”

For more details contact the ABS sales team on 01202 868511 or email