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Bonershaker/Ladyshaker arrives

After four years of development the revolutionary Bonershaker /Ladyshaker is now available. The product, which was previewed exclusively to the trade at the 2008 ETO Show, is a unisex massager that comes supplied with attachments for both male and female use.

Andrew Roberts of Teatro di Vita, designers of the mains powered device, commented: “The product started out as a male-focused product, but from the feedback we received from women, they were just as keen to have a more powerful massager experience. The Ladyshaker provides power and deep vibration like no other massager, and the variable speed dial and trigger give you total control from short bursts to sustained power.”

The ‘shaker’ attachments are made from soft silica gel rubber and come in a variety of styles for different areas of focus and a range of sensations. The male shaker focuses the stimulation on the F-spot (the frenulum), one of the most sensitive parts on the penis, while the female shaker is shaped to caress the top of the pubic mound and the clitoris; both are said to provide an equally powerful experience. The ‘clip and snap’ system allows the male and female attachments to be changed within seconds, and although the device is non-penetrative – and can be used outside of clothing – forthcoming attachments will include vaginal and anal shakers.

Roberts added: “The Bonershaker and Ladyshaker massagers give a powerful stimulation not found in battery-powered vibrators. For the man particularly, this is more of a tantric-like experience. The stimulation is not unlike the effects which have been inferred in the familiar sketches depicting a lady sitting on the washing machine for kicks, but ours are more easily focused to the correct areas.”

The device retails at £149 and trade prices start at £74.40. Additional discounts are available for orders of six units or more. Further details can be found at www.bonershaker.co.uk and www.ladyshaker.co.uk. Retailers can purchase the product through www.teatrodivita.co.uk/index.php