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Beauty Of Women comes to London

CHB Art Promotions has organised an exhibition, called The Beauty Of Women, which takes place at The Menier Gallery, Southwark Street, London, from January 8th – 19th. The organisers say that a woman’s body is usually presented in a negative fashion, generally within the context of pornography, intended, in almost all cases, for the exclusive pleasure of men.

The promotional material continues: “The goal of this exhibition is to remove these indecent inferences, contained in works of art over the centuries. Virtually all depictions of the nude female figure were made by men, but as this exhibition will demonstrate, that has changed dramatically in recent years, with many women artists and photographers preferring to paint, draw and photograph the female nude. The catalogue for The Beauty Of Women will show the artwork that has been created by these exhibitors. It includes an introduction by the exhibition organisers, as well as a highly informative piece by sculptor John Coppinger, questioning the role of sex in art. The exhibition itself lends itself open to whether the female nude is taboo, but we aim to show that all women have their own beauty and can be proud to allow others to see it as an assertive and positive manifestation of their being. There is no better way of promoting the female form than by artists, many of whom had already incorporated imagery of the nude in their works. We dedicate this exhibition to women of the world.”

Artists exhibiting include Paul John Ballard, Louise Brown, Mark Davy-Jones, Nikki Dennington, Chris Francis, John Kidd, Kevin Lane, James Lendon, John Pilkington, Mark Roberts, Richard Savage, Barry Tyler and Jeff Wack. Photographers exhibiting include Robert Babylon, Gregory Brown, Linda Johnson, John Lyons (Girlzart) and Patricia Pastore.