At last, a Boyfriend that won’t let you down

Posted: August 28, 2015

Creative Conceptions is looking forward to the arrival of OBob, the latest creation from Screaming O, and its unique appearance certainly sets it apart from other wand massagers. OBob – which stands for Battery Operated Boyfriend – is a handheld massager made of ABS plastic with a body-safe silicone head. Creative says that OBob is sturdy, dependable, ready to satisfy your every need and will treat your body with the care it deserves – attributes which can be difficult to find in real life boyfriends.

“You’re never alone when OBob is around,” the company said. “This handheld massager is equipped with all the perks of the perfect boyfriend and will never let you down – just be sure there are batteries nearby!”

Creative says that OBob’s smooth silicone head bends at almost any angle and features a wide surface area that massages at three speeds – from a low rumble up to an intense penetrating vibration, with a bonus pulsation function to tease and please. OBob retails at £24.99.

“OBob buzzes for you and only you and stands tall on his own two feet when not in use,” said Creative. “No control issues with this stand-up guy – simply turn him on and speed him up with the touch of a button. OBob’s motor is quiet, accommodating and keeps you coming back for more – you’ll feel #happy and #blessed with OBob by your side.”

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