Appointments: System Jo recruits Matthew Wright as brand ambassador for Europe.

Posted: June 20, 2019

System Jo has announced that Matthew Wright has joined its team as the brand ambassador for Europe. He will be looking after the United Kingdom, Ireland and Scandinavian territories initially, promoting United Consortium brands using his background and expertise in the adult industry.

Matthew was previously part of the buying team at Ann Summers, and System Jo says his experience in retail and buying, as well as his professionalism and charisma, has his team excited about this new opportunity to grow sales across Europe.

Becky Buffham, European sales manager, said she was, “thrilled to have Wright on the team”, and Wright commented: “I am excited to be working for a global brand that has so much opportunity to grow in Europe. While I got my first training on the brand around two years ago, I was mesmerised by the quality and manufacturing process. At the time, I mentioned how I would love to work for Jo, and now two years later here I am!”

Matthew can be contacted on +44 7446 085659 or via