Home Industry News Ann Summers teams up with Marmite for April 1st ‘launch’

Ann Summers teams up with Marmite for April 1st ‘launch’

With April 1st also being Easter Monday, there appeared to be less April Fool stories doing the rounds this year, but UK retail chain Ann Summers came up with a good one. Its Instagram page introduced ‘a new way to spread’ – a limited edition Marmite Kissable Massage Oil.

The post read: “At Ann Summers, we’ve always known we divide opinion. Do you know what else gets people’s knickers in a twist? Marmite. Made for the lovers, lube up and enjoy deep, umami flavours. Whether it’s your first time or you’re highly experienced in the bread-room, this will be sure to elevate every sense.”

Created by Ann Summers’ marketing team, in conjunction with its agency partner, Spin, the post clocked up 1,668 likes and was named one of the best of 2024’s April Fools by the Daily Mail, alongside easyJet rebranding to Holibobs and Domino’s launching frozen pizza.