New season Kitten by Allure Lingerie to be unveiled at Altitude Intimates

Posted: March 19, 2019

The latest launch from Allure Lingerie is Kitten SS19, which the company will unveil at the Altitude Intimates show, which takes place from April 8-10th at the Paris Las Vegas hotel in the US.

Allure Lingerie can be found at booth 513 and it says that Kitten SS19 “takes you to that secret little place where reality ends and fantasy begins. To have an affair with yourself, life and your lover you need lingerie that is irresistible.”

The company added: “There are no boundaries, just a whole lot of sexy that hugs your body to create allure, passion and intrigue. The freedom to express yourself and how you feel, letting this translate into something visible through lingerie. Women are a mix of emotions and moods so we used a variety of juxtaposing fabrics to show this contrast.”

This latest season of Kitten by Allure Lingerie has a new look, with plenty of teasingly placed cutouts in lace, sheer, and a few dashes of faux leather.

“The nine-piece collection is a mix of edgy and sweet with sexuality at its core to inspire the imagination,” said Allure Lingerie. “Kitten SS19 invites you to feel that sense of drama every time you wear one of its pieces, injecting that element of excitement and anticipation. Extraordinary lingerie leading to extraordinary experiences…”

For more information about Kitten by Allure Lingerie contact Kevco Wholesale in the UK or Scala in Europe.