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Adultmoda Report Volume Increase

Adultmoda.com, the mobile adult advertising arm of Admoda, has reported continued growth in traffic. In a press release the firm says it is serving 10 billion adult mobile ads per month, adding it’s not just about the volume of ads, but also about the quality.

Terry Jackson, CEO of Adultmoda, commented, “The continued rapid growth we are seeing demonstrates the superior quality of our product. More and more adult mobile site and app owners are ditching the competition and switching to us. We believe the reason is that we provide a consistently higher return for both our publishers and advertisers on a global basis.”

Jackson added, “The tools we offer within our interface outclass all our competition. Yes we offer the usual country, carrier, OS, and handset targeting, but we provide some other really useful additions such as niche targeting, an extremely useful Campaign Planner and a suite of APIs.”

Adultmoda account managers advise and support clients, but self-serve customers are equally aided by Adultmoda’s sophisticated system architecture, meaning Adultmoda clients can control their campaigns and manage everything themselves. The report also said Adultmoda’s customers who don’t yet have a mobile product and used their redirect service to draw consumers were seeing a surge in popularity.