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ABS unveils new collection of MLK lubes

ABS unveils new collection of MLK lubes

A new collection of lubes has been added to the Minx Linx Kinx essentials range. According to distributor ABS Holdings, this new range has everything: the lubes come in convenient sizes, at affordable prices, and are ideal for everyone from beginners to experienced users, for solo sessions or partner play, and they are skin-friendly, light to the touch, and easy to apply.

All lubes are water-based, except for the Kinx Slix Prime Silicone Lubricant, which is designed for longer sessions. For anal play there is the specially formulated Kinx Anal Slix Water-Based Lubricant,  which is said to feel similar to silicone lubes even though it is water-based, and it can also be used as a massage gel.

There is a choice of scent- and flavour-free lubes, in addition to the Kinx Aqua Slix Flavoured Water-Based Lubricants, which come in passion fruit, strawberry and cherry. Cooling and Warming formulations are also available, along with a range of gels. Linx Alpha Delay Gel has a mild anaesthetic to delay his ejaculation while for her this Minx Thrill Me Orgasm Gel, to enhance and intensify her experience, and Minx Embrace Tightening Gel which, when applied around the vagina, tightens and improve elasticity of the vaginal wall. Quality ingredients not only nourish the skin but improve elasticity of the vaginal wall.

Rounding off the collection is the Kinx Spritz Toy Cleaner Spray, which can be used on silicone, glass and metal products. Contact ABS Holdings for further information.

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