Joy to the world: Net 1on1 launches new website for in-house brand

Posted: January 31, 2019

Net 1on1 Wholesale has created a new website for its in-house brand Loving Joy, and plans to use this platform to aid both on- and offline partners in the sale of its bestselling products. Loving Joy was developed back in 2009 with the intention of marketing high quality pleasure products that provide excellent value for both retailers and consumers.

Net 1on1 says that since then the brand has gone from strength to strength, building up a balanced catalogue of high-end toys like the interchangeable vibrator Dua, or the recently released massage wand Vita, as well as more basic lines such as realistic dildos, masturbators, and penis sleeves.

Net 1on1 has also expanded its portfolio with a range of Loving Joy sub-brands that offer premium quality bondage equipment, highly durable metal toys and chastity devices. The nubuck leather brand, Bound, was nominated for an ETO Award two years in a row, while sub-brands, like the tail butt plug line, Furry Fantasy, has been critically acclaimed by high profile experts such as Cara Sutra.

The decision to create a SEO-optimised website for Loving Joy and all its sub-brands comes as the wholesaler prepares to support both its domestic and international partners through a difficult and uncertain time in retail. “We’ve been reading so many articles highlighting the difficulties facing retailers nowadays and the drop of both sales and footfall in physical stores,” said Net 1on1 sales manager Sebastian Gonzalez. “This is a massive issue: bricks and mortar stores are at the heart of our economy and they occupy a very special place on the High Street too, so we must do everything within our power to support them. I was involved with the creation of this website every step of the way as we really wanted to make sure that we are doing Loving Joy justice, so our customers can sell – and consumers can buy – this superb brand with confidence. Loving Joy has been our flagship brand for a decade now and our well-timed and well-considered product launches have given it a real renaissance in recent years, so it was time to give it a suitably informative and professional website.”

He continued: “We are now focusing on introducing a really cool feature: a store locator that will show website visitors where they can buy Loving Joy products. This feature will provide backlinks to our customer’s websites, increasing their exposure, link authority and general SEO. The site is SEO-friendly, so we are expecting it to rank well for a variety of keywords, and this should help the sale of the brand across the platforms. The site is still a work in progress, but we have so many big plans for it, that I can barely keep all the spoilers to myself. I’ve been a passionate advocate for Loving Joy – our customers will know this very well – and to see it take its first steps towards becoming the global brand it was always meant to be is extremely satisfying. It’s a bonus that I picked up a variety of handy IT skills along the way too, so ask me about SEO, I’m happy to help!”

The Loving Joy website can be found at and for enquiries about the brand and the available discount structure visit