Planet Earth comes clean

Posted: May 4, 2011

Planet Earth Logistics has announced that it has added the Clean Stream range of at-home enema products to its portfolio. According to the company, Clean Stream products give consumers an inexpensive way to prepare for anal sex and anilingus whilst also promoting better colonic health.

There are 13 products in the Clean Stream range and these include simple disposable douches, shower enema sets, inflatable attachments and high-end colonic bag and hose kits.

Planet Earth MD Louise Boote commented: “Up until now, at-home colonic kits were often quite cheap products, poorly made and frequently disposable. We feel that customers deserve quality. With Clean Stream, they get quality, fun and choice. Almost all of the Clean Stream enema kits are upgradeable with additional attachments, so there is a lot of scope for up-selling as well as potential for cross selling lubricants, sex toys and more.”

The Clean Stream range is said to be ideal for colonic irrigation, which is commonly undertaken as a pre-emptive to sex though the practice is also said to be pleasurable in its own right as the liquid can stimulate the prostate.

“The neutral palette and contemporary design of the Clean Stream packaging appeals to both men and women alike, maximising potential sales,” said Louise.

The Clean Stream range is new to the UK and available exclusively through Planet Earth Logistics. For more information call Adele Powell at PEL on 01924 333320.